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Fuzhou Puze Cooling & Heating Equipment Technology Com., Ltd. is a private technology enterprise, is located in the Jiankang Industry Park in Jin’an District of Fuzhou City – the capital of Fujian Province. From the establishment, our company puts our mind on the research, development, innovation and production of the water evaporation serial air-conditioners; we have long-term abundant experiences on the fields of the central air-conditioner, the environment protection air-conditioner and the ventilation and air-exhaustion. Our company holds the
ideals of the truth, innovation and sincerity;  our company steadily grows from small to big; we pay attention to make the best several products, do not seek many and complete product series.
The Puze Company is famous brand enterprise, as we just pay attention on the research, development and production of several products, we have the ourselves patent products in the water evaporation air-conditioner field – the plant, store (business site) and family kitchen special ventilation air-conditioners are unique in the domestic and foreign markets, and the performance is excellent.
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