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1、Say goodbye to the history that the kitchen cannot install the air conditioner.

2、Send the whole new air inwards, exhaust the inside cooking fume; the air is extremely fresh and cool. 3、Low cost, power saving, and simple and convenient installation and maintenance. A、Application Scope:

Be applicable for the 20 m2 area; the small shops and kitchens, especially, the family kitchens.

B、Working Principle:Point Here to Connect C、Performance Parameters



Fan airflow(m3/h)




Max Output(kw)






Water consumption(kg/h)


Dimension (mm)


Net Weight(kg)


Operatiing Weight(kg)


Apply Area(m2)


D、Installation Measures 1、




1) The four suspenders hang the air-conditioner under the floor slab.
     2) The air-intake side aims at the external-wall air-intake opening, the external-wall can be provided with the louver air-opening if required. 3) Connect the water supply pipe and the water drain pipe. 4) After connect the air pipe, the air-supplying position is provided with a air-supply opening. 5)The air-supply opening can adopt the round electric louver which is provide by the manufacturer and remotely operated. E、 Configuration Characteristics

1、The air-conditioner body is injected with the quality ABS engineering plastics, the body has the advantages of the aging resistance and no deformation; and the air-conditioner is hanged inside without the weather influence, the body can like new for long time.
2、 The air-conditioner body is equipped with the angle bars and the cross bars, after the air-conditioner is hanged with the suspenders and connected with the water supply pipe, the air-conditioner can be used.
3、 The air-conditioner adopts the two-speed fan; you can choose the low-speed in most time of a year, the low-speed noise and the power-consumption are very little.
4、The power consumption is just 15% of the split air-conditioner; the power and the money are saved greatly.
5、The air-intake side is equipped with a draw-out filtration screen, the cleaning is very convenient.
6、 The equipment inside is not easily dirtied or blocked; the stainless filtration cartridge has the self-cleaning function.
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