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1、 The power consumption is less than the fan, and the air is fresher and cooler than the forest.
2、 Huge air flow, low cost. One-set price, two-set effect.
3、 The installation and the maintenance are safe and convenient. Put the air-conditioner onto the window, connect the water pipes, then the air-conditioner can be used.
4、PC control, excellent performance, remote operation, two-speed choice and self-cleaning.

A、Application Scope:

    Window-Embedding Type Workshop Special: with the extremely high performance-price ratio, the air-conditioner can be applied for all workshops which have no strict requirements on the temperature and humidity, such as the garment factory, the shoe factory, the plastic factory, the mechanical fitting factory, the vehicle repair factory, the chemical factory, the food factory, the waiting room, the huge mess hall, etc. It is especially applicable for the huge-area places.

B、Working Principle: Point Here to Connect

C、Performance Parameters

D、Installation Measures


1、 The customer can choose the installation measure from the following three figures according to the inside and outside space.
2、 Make the V-support, put the equipment onto the support, and tighten the bolts.
3、 Connect the water pipes and electrical wires according to the Installation Guiding Figure Manual, the use the air-conditioner.
4、 The water system connection measure should comply with the following figure.






 E、Configuration Characteristics
1、 The cooling section adopts the UV-resistance and aging-resistance PP new plastic to be injected and formed; the service life can be longer.
2、 The product configuration can ensure the excellent performance and greatly reduce the cost. One set of the air-conditioner has the same effect as the two sets of the external-hanging environment-protection air conditioners, but the price is similar as the one external-hanging environment-protection air conditioner.
3、 The fan section and the cooling section adopt the combination mode, and can be assemble into a whole; and the fan can be installed in the window frame, and the cooling section is installed outside the window frame.
4、 The air-conditioner adopts the two-speed fan; you can choose the low-speed in most time of a year, the low-speed noise and the power-consumption are very little.
5、 After the air-conditioner is fixed on the window, it is unnecessary to connect any air pipe or air opening; the air-conditioner can be used after connecting the water pipes and power. The installation and the maintenance are very safe and convenient.
6、 If you do not want the air blowing to the inside equipment or personnel, the equipped air-flow deflector can be installed at the suitable position to easily change the air-supplying direction.
7、 The ABS plastic-injected louver air-opening and the color filtration screen at the air-intake side are beautiful, compact and rain-proofing.
8、 During the cleaning, it is unnecessary to open the equipment, adopt the centralized water cleaning or clean from the side cleaning opening with the equipped pipe brush; the maintenance work is very little.

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